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The AndieArt art space is waiting for you at the end of the exhibition on November 19, 2023 at 12:00 to enjoy this unique show that takes place, for the first time, as part of the Group Exhibition "19 days of art against Child Abuse / LISTEN ... A CHILD'S CRY., free entry.

Artista Xanthie (Xanthi Tavoularea) with her puppets and in collaboration with the puppets of the unforgettable puppeteer Lakis Apostolidis
*, present a sensational performance that overturns the standards of the theater.

“La poupée” - The Soul of Abuse

At the core of our society lies a dark secret - child abuse.

Through the extrao
rdinary work of puppets and creators Artista Xanthie and Laki Apostolidis, a dark social reality is presented. The dolls, the innocent protagonists, suffer injustice and abuse at the hands of the other dolls, while Artista Xanthie holds, communicates, interacts with the small child, a symbol of lost innocence.

Through this shocking spectacle, the audience is invited to empathize with the fear, insecurity and need for protection felt by abused children.

The show highlights the need to break this cycle of abuse and protect the weak.

"La poupée" is a performance that leaves no one unmoved and constitutes a strong cultural and social stigma.

*Lakis Apostolidis is one of the first puppeteers of post-war Greece, and his dolls for the first time "wake up" and play after his death.

Contact info:
AndieArt: Antigoni Pagona (exhibition space)
Email: post@antigonipag - Tel.: +30 211 416 6448
Address: Farantaton 17, 11527 Athens



Artist Xanthie :
Tel. +30 210 61 31 435 / +30  69 89 40 68 98




Responsible for organization:

Betterfly Digital: Marlou Xintarianou



With the support ofChios Gardens



Performances and events are part of the program THE DOLLS WAKE UP - REON THEATER 2022-2025

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